New Kubota M6002 Review

Kubota has just unveiled its new tractor series dubbed M6002. A machine ranging from 123 to 143 horsepower designed for applications on mixed farming farms. Comfort in the cabin, lifting capacity, Isobus technology... not to mention the maneuverability and a turning circle of 4.5 m radius. The farmer can also install the front loader at the plant.

Kubota completes its tractor offer by unveiling its M6002 series. Three models make up the range whose power ranges between 123 and 143 horsepower. Under the hood, the machine embeds a 6.1 litre four-cylinder engine. Through the implementation of SCR technology, the Kubota M6002 complies with Stage V emissions limits.

AdBlue, a diesel oxidation catalyst and a particulate filter (DPF) limit the engine's polluting emissions. Incidentally, the maintenance interval for the DPF changes to 6000 hours which limits the maintenance bill of the machine. The maximum torque of the most powerful model is 645 Nm and is reached from 1900 rpm torque.

As regards transmission, the brand offers its new eight-speed Powershift gearbox. The operator has a manual or an automatic mode to manage the speeds. It reaches 40 km/h at only 1,650 rpm to limit the fuel bill. As standard, the tractor benefits from four PTO speeds: 540, 540e, 1000 and 1000e.

At the front, the machine is equipped with a 1000 rpm power take-off. And in terms of lifting capacity, the farmer can hitch up to 7000 Kg at the rear and 3260 Kg at the front.

115 l/min of hydraulic oil in Load Sensing

For tools requiring oil, the pump delivers 115 L/min of Load Sensing, fitted as standard. Up to four distributors are possible, three mechanical models are installed as standard. Those whose tools require a fourth distributor can benefit from it as an option.

When it comes to comfort, the M6002 series does not have much to envy the superior models. It is equipped with one of the widest cabins in the category, air suspension seat, suspended front deck and cabin. The armrest takes advantage of the multifunctional lever to control the transmission, the directions of travel and the lift. Without forgetting the activation/deactivation of the programmed engine speeds.

X-Press and Bi-Speed ​​function for more versatility

The four-post cab offers good visibility and is fitted with a glass roof, twice the size of the old MGX range. Again, an interesting feature for front loader work. Also of note is the X-press Restart function. Clearly, all you have to do is press the brake pedal to deactivate the transmission. No need to disengage. In addition, the operator can engage the Bi-Speed ​​mode which considerably improves the turning radius. The system speeds up the rotation of the front wheels to improve traction. As a result, the turning radius is reduced and is only 4.5 m with the function engaged.

In terms of electronics, the manufacturer is installing its seven-inch K-Monitor terminal. It makes it possible to adjust the starting speed, the sensitivity of the power take-off to engagement, its automatic engagement and the camera if the machine benefits from it.