John Deere 8R 370 Tractor Review

The John Deere 8R 370 tractor takes the comfort of its passengers to heart. The array of high-end equipment it offers, optional or not, depending on the finishes, even generates an impression of luxury.

Electric massaging seat, heated and ventilated, three footrests, Bluetooth car radio with 6.4 ”Apple CarPlay compatible touchscreen, front and rear cameras, additional terminal, large removable fridge, steering column adjustable in three levels ... a unique atmosphere luxury reigns aboard the latest generation of John Deere 8R Series tractors.

Without a doubt, the engineers have endeavored to provide maximum comfort to the driver during the development of this new version.

At first glance, the 8R dazzles with its angular lines at the engine cover, mirrors and cabin roof giving it a futuristic look that can make you think of a robot.

This image of modernity is also reflected by its light signatures around the high beams, its pack of 360 ° LED lights and its light strips, also in LED, enthroned at the four corners of the cabin and acting as interior lighting.

But the best of the 8R is inside. The feeling of comfort predominates from the first roll. The optional Active Seat II, well supported by the independent front axle suspension, effectively filters irregularities in the road.

For those who want even more, a mechanical cab suspension is in the catalog, but it is not compatible with the high-end seat because, according to John Deere the accumulation of the two amortization systems would be counterproductive.

When approaching an intersection where visibility is obstructed, you can appreciate the addition of a wide-angle camera, to the front of the engine cover, providing an unobstructed view of the intersection.