Grimme's Ventor 4150: More Options for Maximum Wrapping Performance

Grimme unveils a series of options now available on its four-row self-propelled Ventor 4150. Operator comfort, quality of work, efficient field performance and precision wrapping... no more time to waste during the potato harvesting season.

For the 2021 season, Grimme offers a series of options to equip its self-propelled four-row potato harvester, the Ventor 4150. At the front, the farmer can choose to add the HT 400 mulching mower, particularly suitable for work in the presence of long and hard tops.

The machine's output is therefore improved, by limiting the amount of material to be removed. The crushed material is distributed over the torn width thanks to the lateral discharge belt and the integrated spreader.

Sensors allow automatic management of the mowing height and the driver retains control thanks to the controls located on the terminal. On the road, the device folds up hydraulically above the lifting unit to limit the length and the overhang of the machine.

On heavy soils the operator can use plastic coulters. They are very resistant depending on the brand and avoid soil adhesion. In addition to the shear bolts installed on the coulters and coulter carriers, the coulter carriers can also be placed under protection to prevent overloading. The farmer can change the force required to break it with three holes to position the bolt.

Another possible option: the Speedtronic-Web system. It automatically controls the sieving belts speed, including that of the haulm chain. The speed of rotation varies according to the forward speed, which relieves the driver, who can concentrate more on his harvest. The Turbo Clean function makes it easy to clean carpets and dividers. These are driven one after the other at maximum speed to self-clean the installation. The function is activated manually via the button in the cab or automatically at the headland while the machine is turning around.

In terms of ground pressure, the manufacturer offers Michelin CerexBib 2 tires as an option. These are VF 900/60 R38 models which benefit from the manufacturer's UltraFlex technology. They can thus be used at low pressure to increase their contact surface with the ground.

Result: less compaction of the plots. On the emptying side of the hopper, it is now driven more quickly so as to limit its unloading time. Barely 60 seconds to empty the 15 MT of potatoes, compared to 90 on the older generation.

Grimme also proposes to map the crop yield in the plot. By collecting harvest data, the machine establishes a map differentiating high and low yield areas. By integrating it into his plot management software, the farmer will be able to produce a fertilizer dose modulation recommendation map, for example, useful for the following crop. All measured values can be saved in Iso-XML format and transferred using a USB stick or via the Agrirouter data exchange platform.