Best Mantis Tillers to Buy Online (2021)

American people are always more likely to devote part of their free time to gardening activities, whether in a garden or in the countryside.

Scarifier, tiller, brush cutter, hedge trimmer and other lawn mowers arouse the enthusiasm of people who are keen to enhance their green space. Are you a gardening aficionado but not particularly fond of digging, hoeing, raking and other very physical activities that put a strain on your back?

Choose a tiller that will help you keep your garden in top condition without much hassle. Today we bring you our large list of the best Mantis tillers to buy online right now.

About Mantis:

Founded in 1997 in Marly, in the Great East of France, Mantis has capitalized on the growing interest of the French for tools and machines for gardening and maintenance of green spaces, offering tillers, brush cutters, electric and thermal tillers, composters and other garden tools for both beginners and sophisticated gardeners.

With its slogan "Easy gardening" (Le Jardinage Facil), Mantis targets above all families, offering tools accessible to all and intended for rudimentary needs, on maintained grounds, without slope and without large presence of pebbles or stones.

Today, the Mantis catalog consists of the following products:

Electric and thermal tillers;

Composters and composters accessories ;

Lawn mowers;

Leaf blowers;

Hedge trimmers;

Garden valets;

Various tools for sowing and planting;

Gardening accessories (gloves, cleaning products, protective accessories, etc.).

The purchase guarantees are attractive on the Mantis range of tillers. In fact, the buyer has a right of return on all devices over a period of 30 to 60 days depending on the model, with a manufacturer warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years. Mantis tillers are guaranteed for life against breakage… enough to reassure you. The batteries and chargers are guaranteed for one year, knowing that the average for this type of equipment is 6 months on the private market.

Why buy Mantis Tillers and what makes them unique?

Mantis tillers easily penetrate and loosen any type of soil. The secret of its performance lies in the combination of curved-multi-tooth cutters with a unique design that precisely facilitates penetration and leaves no chance for soil clods.

Mantis tillers are light but incredibly powerful which will allow you to work the soil effortlessly and eventually get impressive results in your garden or vegetable patch.

A further advantage of Mantis tillers is that even people who never used the machine before can use it for digging, plowing, weeding, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Our List of the best Mantis Tillers to Buy right now:

1- Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator

This Mantis Tiller comes with a Honda signed 4-stroke engine (25 cc), four patented tine cutters, reversible for hoeing and guaranteed for life, a plowing depth of up to 25 cm and various accessories delivered.

Very acclaimed by passionate gardeners, who have made it a bestseller in its category since its release, this gas powered tiller offers the power of thermal and the maneuverability of electric, which makes it perfectly usable by individuals.


With a reduced weight of 12 kg (for thermal), this thermal tiller saves you time while sparing your back, even for extended sessions. Ergonomics are improved by the overmolded handles with non-slip coating for a perfect grip and good efficiency on your floor.

You will be able to prepare crop lines, mix the soil amendment, plant vegetables, clear land and plant trees with a featherweight and in complete safety.

The noise level is so low that this thermal tiller could very well be used in an urban setting or in a neighborhood.

2- 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator

The Mantis classic gas powered tiller comes with a handy carrying handle and a 2-year limited Warranty. It weighs only 20-pounds. It was built with a powerful commercial grade 2-cycle engine to handle all your tilling & cultivating needs.

The easy push button Priming, convenient on/off switch & ergonomic Speed control help make using the Mantis a simple task. Its features include molded grips, durable one-piece cast gear box, & 10" tine depth.