Bulgur: Buying Guide

Popular since the dawn of time, and known by different names: “cerealis” for the Romans, “dagan” for the Israelites, or even “arisah” according to the Bible, bulgur is the number 1 cereal. Recognized as the cereal more widely used in North Africa and the Middle East, or as a specialty typical of Mediterranean cuisine, bulgur is today acclaimed throughout the world, as a food staple.

Bulgur recipes flourish by the thousands, from stew to salad. And that makes sense, given the countless properties and benefits of this Bulgarian wheat. Almost no fat, high fiber concentration, feeling of satiety or even weight loss… this superfood is all good!

Table of content:

1. In Sum

2. Our selection of the best bulgur options on the market

3. Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Bulgur

3.1 Bulgur: What exactly is it?

3.2 What is the health benefit of bulgur?

3.3 Who should avoid bulgur?

3.4 Who will benefit most from eating bulgur?

3.5 How do you cook bulgur?

3.6 Where can you find bulgur?

3.7 What recipes can you cook with bulgur?

4. Purchase criteria

4.1 Weight

4.2 Taste


4.4 Variety

5. In summary